Protect Your Feet from Frostbite
By Idaho Foot & Ankle Associates
January 27, 2021
Category: Foot Care
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On particularly cold Idaho days, frostbite can be a real possibility if you don't take a few precautions. Fortunately, your podiatrists at Idaho Foot & Ankle Associates in Meridian, Nampa and Boise, ID, offer the care you need to protect your feet year-round.

6 tips that will help you avoid frostbitten feet and toes

Frostbite occurs when skin and tissues in freeze after exposure to freezing temperatures. Following these recommendations will help you reduce your frostbite risk:

  1. Wear Warm Boots or Shoes: Wearing the appropriate footwear for the weather is one of the simplest ways to avoid frostbite. Make sure your boots are well-insulated and don't have any holes. Athletic shoes with mesh inserts don't provide adequate protection from freezing temperatures and can quickly become damp if it snows or sleets.
  2. Double Up on the Socks: Wearing two pairs of socks will help keep your feet warmer when it's cold outside. Place socks designed to wick away sweat on first, then pull on a pair of wool or 100 percent cotton socks.
  3. Make Sure Your Boots Fully Protect Your Feet: Your boots won't offer much protection if they don't keep the snow away from your feet. If the snow is deeper than the top of your boots, you're likely to get a little snow in the boots. Wearing waterproof snow pants over the boots can help keep snow out.
  4. Change Wet Footwear Promptly: Head back inside and put on a dry pair of socks or boots if your feet are wet. Allow wet boots to dry completely before you wear them again. If the boots leak, throw them out and buy a new pair.
  5. Limit Outdoor Time on Frigid Days: Taking a walk or playing in the snow isn't a good idea when it's 15 degrees outside and strong winds are blowing. Staying inside or spending as little time as possible outdoors will help you avoid frostbite.
  6. Learn How to Identify Frostbite: If you have frostbite, your feet or toes may be numb, and the skin may look white, gray or waxy. Slowly warm up your feet by placing them in warm, not hot, water. Once your feet have warmed up a little, call your Meridian, Nampa or Boise foot doctor or go to the emergency room.

Keep your feet healthy with a visit to your Meridian, Nampa and Boise, ID, podiatrists at Idaho Foot & Ankle Associates. Call (208) 327-0627 to schedule an appointment for the Boise office, (208) 463-1660 for the Nampa/Caldwell office, or (208) 888-9876 for the Meridian office.