Guide to Summer Shoes and Foot Health
By Idaho Foot & Ankle Associates
June 04, 2015
Category: Foot Health
Tags: Summer Footwear  

Part of maintaining the health of your feet is knowing what shoes to wear and when.

Summer's heat necessitates wearing lighter-weight clothing. This also applies to your footwear, when you store the heavy boots and pull out Summertimesandals. Unfortunately, many of these summer shoe selections don't offer much in the way of support for your arches or cushioning for your heels. With flimsy construction like that of flip-flops, they can also cause ankle sprains if you're wearing them on uneven surfaces. And open-toe sandals are never recommended for diabetic patients due to the increased risk of foot wounds. However, the podiatrists at Idaho Foot & Ankle Associates in Boise have some recommendations for how you can stay cool while keeping your feet protected.

Summer support

Doctors like those at your Boise podiatrist's office agree that sandals with thicker soles and several adjustable straps generally provide the best overall fit. For women, wedges are a trendy, yet comfortable option for dressier outfits since they have rigid soles and support the entire foot. Look for brands that offer narrow and wide options if your feet fit into those categories. With the ease of online ordering, finding appropriate and attractive brands is easy, but the foot doctors at Idaho Foot & Ankle associates recommend having your foot professionally measured first to determine your exact size.

Flip-flop functions

Of course, your Boise podiatrist isn't demanding that you collect all your rubber flip-flops and toss them in the trash. They are still a good choice for wearing poolside or at the beach; they're easy to slip on and off and keep the bottom of your feet protected from hot surfaces. They also provide a barrier from fungal infections in public showers or water parks. But when you do embark on these outdoor adventures, don't forget the sunscreen on the tops of your feet as well. 

If you have a specific foot or ankle condition and aren't sure about the kind of shoes you should wear this summer, call the Idaho Foot & Ankle Associates for an appointment to discuss your options.