Finding Relief for Your Flat Feet
By Idaho Foot & Ankle Associates
December 14, 2020
Category: Foot Care
Tags: flat feet  

Are the pains in your heel or the ball of your foot interfering with your life? Flat feet can make getting out of bed, dancing, exercise, and walking seem quite difficult to do. Our care providers at Idaho Foot and Ankle Associates can help alleviate your discomfort in Boise, ID.

What is the cause of flat feet?

Flat feet can be hereditary, the result of wearing ill-fitting shoes over a long period, or a symptom of another condition like tendonitis. Obesity, diabetes, and pregnancy also contribute to flat feet.

Find relief for your flat feet in several ways:

  • Getting physical therapy entails a custom course of hot and cold treatments, exercises, and manual manipulation to strengthen the muscles of the foot.
  • Wearing orthopedic footwear can support the foot and relieve any pain. Your foot is working hard to pull up the arch, so custom made insteps assist with absorbing the impact of your steps.
  • Some patients have pain they can’t seem to resolve. In this case, surgery may be a viable option for realigning your foot and restoring function.
  • Exercising your foot by yourself is simple. Simple movements like pointing and flexing the foot, grabbing things, and standing on your tiptoes can change the shape and function of the foot.
  • If you are diabetic or have another condition that affects the feet, it is best to try to manage those conditions as much as possible.
  • You may take over the counter meds for sporadic pain, but more chronic discomforts may require a visit to the doctor.

Dreading activities like a hike doesn’t have to be a way of life. The staff at Idaho Foot and Ankle Associates can answer any questions you may have about therapy, exercise or reconstructive surgery.  Call (208) 327-0627 to reach our Boise, ID, office, (208) 463-1660 for our Nampa/Caldwell, ID, office, and (208) 888-9876 for our Meridian, ID, office.