Are You Suffering From Plantar Fasciitis?
By Idaho Foot & Ankle Associates
May 27, 2020
Category: Foot Conditions
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According to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, approximately 2 million plantar fasciitis cases are treated every single year.

If you suspect that you have plantar fasciitis, a prompt diagnosis by one of the podiatrists here at the Idaho Foot & Ankle Associates in Boise, Nampa/Caldwell, and Meridian, ID, is vital since the condition can cause immense heel pain and other related symptoms—read on to learn more.

Plantar Fasciitis Symptoms to Watch Out For

Plantar fasciitis causes stabbing and sharp heel pain that usually occurs when you suddenly stand up after being at rest for a long time or get up in the morning. Although affected people usually describe the most common symptom as a shooting pain, plantar fasciitis could likewise cause the heel to swell. This pain could be immensely severe after rest, but it typically lets up as the day progresses, although it often reappears after long periods of staying on your feet or exercising.

Your plantar fascia, situated at the bottom of your foot, is a dense connective tissue ligament or band that connects your foot’s portion to your heel. Its main job is to support your foot arch (sort of like the bowstring of a bow) by absorbing all kinds of strains and stress placed on your feet. Over time, some individuals could develop inflammation or a strain in the plantar fascia that could become a recurring or chronic condition.

Diagnosing Plantar Fasciitis

Heel pain is the most unmistakable and common plantar fasciitis symptom. This could also be accompanied by swelling and some redness in certain people. With this in mind, if you have heel pain that persists for weeks, consult a podiatrist at our Boise, ID, practice as soon as possible. Your podiatrist will go through all of your symptoms, evaluate your foot, order necessary tests to rule out similar foot conditions, and recommend treatments that will work best for your specific symptoms.

Need Expert Relief from Your Heel Pain? We Can Help

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